Best of Story Factory Volume Two: Two Book Set

Best of Story Factory Volume Two: Two Book Set

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Purchase Story Factory's special 10 Year Anthologies as a two book set for a discount price of $25. 

For Younger Readers: 

There are some people who think stories about Martians, pens that speak, and one-eyed dinosaurs named Poopy aren’t true. But in the moment, when young people are writing them, they are the truest thing there is.

At Story Factory we believe these stories so much we’ve spent the last 10 years supporting young people to write them. Our favourites are collected here, along with the best poems and non-fiction reflections, and the winners of our 10th Anniversary Writing Prize.

These are pieces that fill a black and white day with colour: the strange machines, the birds named To’o and Bryan, the humour that young writers find in almost every situation. These are pieces to make young readers laugh, wonder and dream up worlds of their own.

Great writers are born in that shimmering moment when they start to imagine other worlds. This collection is 10 years of those early words and worlds, those first steps towards bringing new possibilities into being.


For Older Readers: 

When you move into your teens, lightning strikes and it isn’t always good. The transition into adulthood makes the world complex and challenging, but also fills it with new and unimagined joys.

Over the last 10 years, Story Factory has supported young authors to write about their obsessions, speculations and hopes. Here is the best of their work, including the winners of our 10th Anniversary Writing Prize.

This anthology captures the complexity of the teen years. There are poems exploring identity and friendship, prose pieces that discover new jewels in the everyday, and stories that drop visitors from imagined galaxies into the alley behind your local cinema.

The pieces in this collection are generous. They share what these young writers know about their world, inviting readers into a universe where introspection is combined with unexpected adventure, playful fantasy, and the gritty realities of teen life.

The writing in this collection is brave enough to look directly at the modern world, and imagine worlds beyond.