Embodiment After Consumption by Alcestis

Embodiment After Consumption by Alcestis

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This book contains mature themes and content related to violence and
sexual violence which could cause sadness or distress for readers. If you
would prefer not to read about these topics, or if you are below 15 years
of age, we recommend you do not continue reading.

‘Before I die,

I did not wish to live separated from you.

I mourn the afflictions of the man I love,

would you defraud me of this second corpse?

In the home of Alcestis’ trauma,

in which she suffered;

to be content with a slave’s meal,

even though she is god.’

But why does she not speak?’

Euripides, Alcestis.



Over the course of 2022, a select group of young writers was invited to take part in a year-long writing program at Story Factory. Their goal was to produce a collection of poetry. This is one of the collections produced in these workshops. 

Year of Poetry 2022 was supported by the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund and Parramatta Leagues Club.