Puppeteer by Victoria Weng

Puppeteer by Victoria Weng

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This book contains some mature themes. If you
are below 12 years of age, we recommend
you do not continue reading.


The world of Puppeteer is one which shows the true insight into human nature. It reveals the sudden change in character that we may undergo if we are pushed to our limits. 

Your mind drowns in curiosity and anger as you watch Kurena go through unbearable turmoil and pain. Her path to potential self destruction churns your heart with disbelief. With one missing step, she may not be able to enact her long-awaited revenge and so she must be wary of her decisions. 


Over the course of 2022, a select group of young writers was invited to take part in a year-long writing program at Story Factory. Their goal was to produce a fully realised novella. This is one of the novellas produced in these workshops. 

Year of the Novella 2022 was made possible thanks to the support of a group of generous donors:

Bernadette Brennan & Justin Gleeson SC

Rosebrook Foundation

Caroline Beecham & John Lydon

Greg Dean & Richard Unsworth

Kim Anderson

Deena Shiff & James Gill

Year of the Novella would not have been possible without the unstinting support of the editorial and production teams at Penguin Random House, Midland Typesetters, and the generosity of printer Griffin Press.