roots by bea

roots by bea

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there's something so tragically romantic 

about hand-picking flowers, 

how we kill and kidnap what we cherish

and offer it to those we love. 

you're allowed to be jealous of the dead.

you're allowed to turn your heartbreak into hope. 

you're allowed to dismount your moth-self from their grasp. 

you're allowed to move out, and move on.

you're allowed to grow after they've cut you.

A Story Factory, Year of Poetry publication.

Year of Poetry is one of Story Factory’s most intensive programs. Throughout 2021, a committed group of young writers came to workshops every Thursday afternoon – first at Story Factory in Parramatta; then, when the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit, over Discord. Through these and many other disruptions, the young people in this program continued to write and support each other. This chapbook was written as part of that project.

This project was supported by the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.