The Psycho's Path by Lui Dahoud

The Psycho's Path by Lui Dahoud

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The poems in this collection are 

mainly based on experiences 

and stories of mine and the many 

people I have met. These are 

all sensitive subjects, some so 

especially emotional that I have 

only talked about them to those 

I most trust, so me releasing this 

has been especially hard. So once 

again, thanks to those I mentioned 

in my acknowledgements.


A Story Factory, Year of Poetry publication.

Year of Poetry is one of Story Factory’s most intensive programs. Throughout 2021, a committed group of young writers came to workshops every Thursday afternoon – first at Story Factory in Parramatta; then, when the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit, over Discord. Through these and many other disruptions, the young people in this program continued to write and support each other. This chapbook was written as part of that project.

This project was supported by the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.